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Skin Care

Skin Care Products

Our Philosophy

Bahama Bronzes professionally trained staff identifies skin types of their customers and teaches sunburn prevention along with patience while building melanin for a safe tan.

 Our client's safety comes first and we educate them in the process of tanning and skin care, which is the cornerstone and philosophy of our business.   

This personal service is one of the many reasons why our clients return to us and refer us to their friends.

Bahama Bronze's brand philosophy centers on the Golden Rules of tanning guidelines as outlined by Smart Tan, which seeks to minimize overexposure and support responsible tanning.

Luxurious Selection

We are able to offer a wide range of the best tanning products not typically found in a chain salon. 

 Because Bahama Bronze is privately owned and can choose from the finest tanning lotion suppliers, like:

Australian Gold, Swedish Beauty, Cal Tan,
 Supre, Playboy, Snookie, JWOW, Devoted, Millenium, Ed Hardy, Tanovations, Fiesta Sun, HempZ, Sqeeze Tan and many more!
 Our clients have access to an unlimited updated 
selection of great products.
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